Academic Papers 

‘Anscombean Excellence’, Oxford, Anscombe Bioethics Centre (July 2019)

‘The Philosophical Meaning of Religious Exercise’, Corpus Christi College, Programme for the Foundations of Law & Constitutional Government (June 2019)

‘Are Act Omissions the Exercise of Two-Way Powers?’, Corpus Christi College, Faculty of Philosophy (June 2019)

‘Remarks on De Ente et Essentia’, University of Oxford, Blackfriars Hall (May 2019)

'Thomistic Animalism II', University of Oxford, Blackfriars Hall. The ‘Agency in Human Beings and Other Animals’ Colloquia Series (May 2017)

‘Aristotle’s Political Naturalism’, University of Oxford, Pembroke College. With commentator Ursula Coope (Oxford). Seminar in Constitutional Thought and History, ‘Aristotle, Political Philosophy, and Government’ (Mar 2016)

'Thomistic Animalism', University of Oxford, Blackfriars Hall. Aquinas Institute Special Seminar (Nov 2015)

‘Against a Causalist Approach to Divine Action’, University of Edinburgh, School of Divinity. With commentator Sarah Broadie (St Andrews). The ‘Uniformity in Nature: Natural Laws, Natural Powers, or Divine Action?’ Conference (May 2015)

Commentator on ‘Practical Truth in Aquinas’, for Stephen Brock (Santa Croce), Pontifical Gregorian University, Faculty of Philosophy. The ‘Practical Knowledge: Aristotle, Aquinas, Anscombe’ Workshop (Jun 2012)

Commentator on ‘Aristotle’s Philosophy of Time’, for Janine Gühler (Oxford), University of St Andrews, Department of Philosophy. The University of St Andrews Graduate Philosophy Seminar (Nov 2011)

‘Thomistic Conceptions of Practical Rationality’, The University of Chicago. ‘Aquinas and Contemporary Ethical Theory’ Seminar, Lumen Christi Institute (Jun 2011)

‘What are Reasons for Acting Lovingly?’, KU Leuven. ‘Reasons of Love’ International Conference, Institute of Philosophy (May 2011)

‘Anscombe on Action Explanation: Description and Typology’, University of Notre Dame, Center for Ethics and Culture. The Center for Ethics and Culture 9th Annual Fall Conference (Nov 2008)


Conferences and Colloquia

‘Metaphysics of Action’ Workshop, University of Oxford, Blackfriars Hall (Jun 2018)

Loeb Institute for Religious Freedom Manuscript Workshop, George Washington University (Nov 2017

‘Agency in Human Beings and Other Animals’ Workshop, ‘Agency in Human Beings and Other Animals’ Workshop, University of Oxford, Blackfriars Hall (May 2017)

‘What Do We Really Know About Right and Wrong?’, AMU Annual Aquinas Lecture, J. Budziszewski (Jan 2017)

‘Civil Disobedience and Resistance to Tyrants in Thomas Aquinas’, AMU Faculty Seminar,  J. Budziszewski (Jan 2017)

‘Why We Need the Humanities’, Donald L. Drakeman (University of Cambridge/University of Notre Dame). AMU Faculty Seminar (Feb 2016)

‘Law and the Normativity of Obligation’, Thomas Pink (King’s College London). AMU Faculty Seminar (Dec 2015)

‘Neo-Aristotelian Philosophy of Physics’ Workshop, University of Cambridge, Jesus College (Mar 2013)

Philosophy of Action Colloquium Series, University of Cambridge, Faculty of Philosophy (2012-2013)

‘Philosophical Foundations of the American Republic’ Summer Institute, Jack Miller Center (Jul 2012)

Social Trends Institute Seminar in Emotional Culture and Identity, University of Navarra (May 2011)

‘Contemporary Natural Law Consultation’ Workshop, Princeton University, James Madison Program (Oct 2010)