As Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Ave Maria University, I teach or have taught the following courses: Logic, Metaphysics, Aesthetics, Ethics, Philosophy of Action (Senior Seminar), Action and Rationality (Senior Seminar), and Introduction to Philosophy.

From 2013-2017, I was a Faculty Instructor for the annual Moral Life and Classical Tradition Seminar held by the Witherspoon Institute, on the Princeton University campus.

Outside of academic and research engagements, I enjoy giving talks to student and young professional groups on a wide range of subjects. My public talks are designed to ease a non-scholarly audience into thinking about complex, philosophical concepts, while pursuing concrete questions of social and cultural importance. I believe that anyone, regardless of education or background, can think about philosophy and learn to enjoy it.

Here is a selection of recent public talks:

‘Can Women Really Have it All?’ (April 2019), Ave Maria University

‘True and False Beauty: Problems in Attraction and Pleasure’ (January 2019), Genuine Feminine Conference

‘“Do Whatever He Tells You”: Marian Faith and Unity of Life’ (January 2019), Crisis in the Church Conference

‘Beauty and Order in the Home’ (November 2018), Ave Maria University

‘Religious Disharmony and the Atheist Solution’ (September 2018), Faculty Colloquium, Ave Maria University

‘Beauty: Art History and the Aesthetics of Everyday Life’ (April 2018), The Leadership Forum of SWFL, Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables

‘The Search for the Philosopher’s Stone: Human Freedom and the Liberal Arts’ (August 2017), Honors Orientation Lecture, Ave Maria University

'What is Human Dignity?' (May 2017), Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford, Oxford Students for Life

'Can Men and Women Be Friends?' (Nov 2016), Ave Maria University, Genuine Feminine Conference

'Settle or Wait? Should Modern Women Expect More from Millennial Men?’ (Oct 2016), Ave Maria University

'Why Study Philosophy?' (Sep 2016), Ave Maria University

‘The Meaning of Sex: Hylomorphism and Friendship’ (June 2016), Princeton University, the Integrity in Action Leadership Conference, Love and Fidelity Network

‘Contraceptive Intentions and Nuptial Promises’ (Feb 2016), Stein Center for Social Research, 'Re-Engaging Humanae Vitae’ Conference

‘Aristotle’s Political Animal and the Metaphysics of Freedom’ (June 2015), Intercollegiate Studies Institute Honors Program ‘Traditions of Liberty’ Conference

‘Is Beauty Fashionable?’ (Apr 2015), Fashion Institute of Technology, ‘Fashion Intelligence’ Conference

'What is Beauty?' (Apr 2015), Murray Hill Institute, 'Philosophy of Fashion' Workshop

‘The Art of Dating Well’ (Feb 2015), Anscombe Society at AMU